Joining Our Unit


The Air Training Corps is open to teenagers aged between 12 to 16, although you must be in year 8 if you are 12.  We cater to all abilities and are a very welcoming unit.

We run intakes throughout the year, and it is worth contacting us to find out further details.

We are open on Monday and Friday evenings, from 6:30 pm to 9pm.  If you are interested in joining, give us a call on 01909 475261 during our opening hours, and we will get back in touch.


The ATC can offer lots of amazing opportunities,  all you need to do is turn up and put the effort in.  The more work you put in, the more you will get out.


The Cost

Currently is costs £6 per month for membership in the Squadron, this covers most costs for activities in the ATC, however for camps and over trips away there will likely to be other costs.  But most activities like flying, shooting etc is free and is covered by the subscription charge.


Other Requirements

When joining the unit, you will be provided with the blue uniform we wear.  The only item of uniform you will need to purchase is a pair of suitable shoes, which will be discussed when you start.

There will also be a need at some stage to purchase a set of “green” uniform, that is the camouflage gear you can see in some of the photos.  We can assist with this, and may even be able to provide this for you, although no guarantee.