Our Activities

As a member of the Air Training Corps, you will be given many great opportunities to take part in a wide variety of activities.  As a youth organisation linked with the Royal Air Force, as you imagine, a lot of the events we do are related to the RAF.  But not everything.  If you don’t want to fly, don’t worry as that is only a small part of what we do.  See the items below for an idea of what we do.  But note, that this is not everything!

  • Flying
  • Gliding
  • Shooting
  • Adventure Training
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Sports
  • Fieldcraft Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Aviation Studies
  • Personal Development
  • BTech Qualifications


There are a few types of shooting available to cadets within the ATC. Cadets will normally start out using the Number 8, target weapon, as shown above. Cadets will be given training and tested on Read more…



Not everything we do is based around aircraft. The squadron as delivers a package of training for when cadets go out on exercises in the field, teaching them skills on how to look after themselves Read more…



There are a wide variety of sporting activities available to members of the ATC. Netball, football, rugby, hockey, are all sports that cadets are able to trial out at county level and are able to Read more…



Gliding gives cadets another opportunity to fly. Gliding will further a cadet’s knowledge of how aircraft operate, again giving them a true hands on experience with aircraft. If cadets show their aptitude with the aircraft, Read more…



As a member of the ATC, you will have the opportunity to attend an RAF base and take a flight in a Royal Air Force training aircraft, the Grob Tutor. The pilot will give you Read more…


The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a great, nationally recognized award that all cadets are actively involved with on the squadron.  The award is broken down into 4 levels – Gold, Silver, Bronze, and now Read more…